Blog-How does a goTenna Mesh in relay mode work?


How does a goTenna Mesh in relay mode work?

by Shopify goTenna Group

A powered goTenna Mesh device can receive and relay messages and location data. goTenna Mesh does NOT need to be actively paired to a smartphone to serve as a relay node, but it does have to be powered on.

This enables users to use goTenna Mesh devices as stationary relay points in strategic locations to increase range. As an example, image two users have four goTenna Mesh devices. Two of those devices can be used solely as relay nodes, increasing potential reach of the mesh network:

User A — User B

User A — Relay Unit 1 — Relay Unit 2 — User B

Because goTenna Mesh has a standard micro-USB port, you can leave the device paired to a power source if you plan to use it as a relay node for an extended period of time.

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