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Blog-How much does goTenna cost?


How much does goTenna cost?

by Shopify goTenna Group

goTenna costs $199 for a pair — buy one for you, and share the other with a friend! Remember, too, that there are no fees or charges associated with using goTenna once you own the devices. This means all of goTenna's offline maps are free as well!

If you buy the "family pack" (2 pairs, or 4 units) for $389, there are $10 in extra savings!

You can also earn up to one pair of goTennas free by referring friends to buy — just share the unique referral link that’s generated for you after you buy. You can also use our generic referral link to refer friends before you buy; once you purchase goTenna, send us the email address you used to refer people, and we'll refund you $10 for each successful referral up to 20 referrals.

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