Blog-How does the referral program work?


How does the referral program work?

by Shopify goTenna Group


At the end of checkout, you’ll receive a unique referral link to share with friends on the order confirmation page. (If you missed it there, check your email receipt for a link that will allow you to get to a referral page.) Share your unique link and anybody who clicks on your link and makes a goTenna purchase will be credited to you within a week. Each referral will earn you $10 back, up to the cost of a pair of goTennas ($149). Refer 20 friends and you could make your pair of goTennas free!

If you haven't bought goTenna yet, use our generic referral link to refer friends before you buy; once you purchase goTenna, send us the email address you used to refer people, and we'll refund you $10 for each successful referral up to 20 referrals.

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