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Text & GPS on Your Phone, No Service Required.

Text & GPS on Your Phone, No Service Required.

It’s only a disaster if you can’t communicate — so get goTenna

Text & GPS — No Matter What

  1. Pair with iOS or Android

    Your smartphone and goTenna wirelessly connect over Bluetooth-LE, as long as they're within ~30 feet of each other.

  2. Use the easy goTenna app

    Type out texts or share a location, just as you would in any familiar app. Chat 1:1, with a group, or even broadcast to all users within range.

goTenna with goTenna app on a smartphone
  1. Generate an off-grid signal

    When you hit "send," goTenna shoots out long-range VHF radio waves (151-154 MHz) to your intended recipient(s). Your message is delivered in-app at the other end.

  2. Create your own network(s)

    goTenna is smart and automatically coordinates with other units within range. It does all the heavy-lifting so you can communicate on your own terms, no matter what.

pair of goTennas

goTenna is the high-tech buddy system

goTenna comes in pairs — one for you, one for a friend. You can connect your goTenna to any other goTennas in-range. Make your network as big or small as you want!