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Is there just one app for both goTenna v1 and goTenna Mesh?

Yes, but make sure you’ve downloaded the latest app to your phone. Please note you can only have one goTenna v1 or goTenna Mesh device paired to your phone at a time. To unpair your goTenna v1 and pair with goTenna Mesh, unpair your current device within the goTenna app (Settings > Unpair goTenna), then select goTenna Mesh in the pairing menu to get started. You can switch back and forth to your liking.

How do I start a chat with an individual or group?

Step 1: Click the blue Compose icon in the lower-right corner of your chat or location screens

Step 2: Select "1-to-1 Chat" or “Group”

Step 3: Choose your contact(s) or type in the ID number they used during account creation. Note: This is likely to be their phone number — and if they're in your contact list, you'll see that clearly — but it can also be a GID, or goTenna ID, a randomized string they need to share with you

Step 4: Type your message

Step 5: Hit "Send"

How do I broadcast publicly to anyone around?

Step 1: Select "Chat" on the Side Menu

Step 2: Click the blue Compose icon in the lower-right corner

Step 3: Select "Shout Chat”

Step 4: Type your message

Step 5: Hit "Send"

How do I create and share an arbitrary pin on the map?

Step 1: Select "Location" in the Side Menu

Step 2: Find location where you would like to create a pin on the map

Step 3: Hold your finger on your desired location

Step 4: Select "Create Pin"

Step 5: Name the pin and select "Save"

Step 6: To share, select "Share Pin" after naming

How do I share my location, pin, or request someone else's location?

Step 1: Select "Chat" on the Side Menu

Step 2: Choose an existing chat, or start a new one by clicking the blue Compose icon

Step 3: Click the Location icon to the left of the text field

Step 4: Choose either "Request User's Location", "Attach a Pin", or "Attach my Location". If you select "Attach a Pin", you can choose an existing pin. "Attach my Location" will add the location automatically

Step 5: If you wish to include a message, type your message in the text field and you can send the text and pin attachment in one go

Step 6: Hit "Send"

Is Bluetooth going to kill my smartphone’s battery life?

No. Bluetooth-LE, or Bluetooth Low Energy (or even Bluetooth 4.0), is a new standard which addresses the power drain of the old Bluetooth technology. It’s also a lot easier to pair with!

Regardless, switching over to Airplane Mode will extend your battery life even longer. (And if you're on Android, make sure to switch GPS back on after selecting Airplane Mode. On iOS, toggle Bluetooth back on after switching into Airplane Mode.)

Where do I download goTenna's offline maps?

To download goTenna’s offline maps, choose “Location” from the Side Menu, then click the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the map screen. Next, select “Downloaded Maps”, and then select “Available” on the “Map Downloads” screen. Choose either by country (e.g. France) or by country>region (e.g. United States of America>California).

All maps are free. You do require a data connection to download the maps, so plan to do so before you go off-grid! And because some of these maps can be big, you should download maps when you're on wifi.

What are firmware updates?

Firmware is the custom operating system programmed into your goTenna device. It’s what allows the goTenna hardware to do its magic. Updates to firmware allow for new features, upgrades, and bug fixes. Unlike quick app updates, firmware updates can take up to 10 minutes to complete. We recommend connecting your goTenna to power during a firmware update, similar to when you update the operating system on your phone or computer. We also recommend being on the same firmware as people you plan to use goTenna with so you can all take advantage of the same features.

goTenna Plus

What Is goTenna Plus?

goTenna Plus is our new subscription service giving users access to topographic maps, trip statistics, location tethering, group chat confirmations and SMS network relay. When activated you have the ability to download and store up to 4 topographic maps, which can be replaced as needed. Included in this update is a 30-day, no-strings-attached trial of these new features.

About Location Tethering

This feature will broadcast the user's location every 1-10 minutes for up to 12 hours to designated recipients. These times are fully customizable and in the preferences when setting this up.

About SMS Network Relay

SMS Network Relay enables users to send messages to other users that are not within range by utilizing another user’s internet connection to send out messages. Messages sent out via SMS Network Relay will show confirmation with a blue check mark instead of the normal green mark and will appear in the user’s text messaging application.

About Trip Statistics

Enabling this feature will record your exact trip and breadcrumb it along the way. Statistics at the bottom of this screen can be changed by the user. For example you can choose 3 out of the available options: Altitude, Stopped Time, Moving Time, Distance, Current Speed, Average Speed & Pace. Saving your trip will reveal all options on one summary screen.

About Group Delivery Confirmation

When in a group chat of up to 6 people (including yourself), you now have the ability to receive message confirmations knowing who in your group received the message.