/ Firmware intern (Paid)

About the company:

goTenna is a Brooklyn-based startup, building products that enable completely decentralized communication. We’re starting with an eponymous device that, paired with your smartphone, lets you communicate with friends even when you have no cell or data service. The first-and-only of its kind, this product successfully started shipping in October 2015 and moved into nationwide retail in 2016. We have various new products for both consumers and professional markets which we'll be releasing in 2017.

goTenna aims to become part of everyone's technology essentials, reducing our reliance on cell towers and wifi routers; and providing users the ability to create a network on their terms, anywhere in the world, free of charges or fees. It starts being useful when you're off-grid, but our technology can be part of the everyday communication stack. Our vision is to build bottom-up communication technology because we believe that in the near future instead of depending on hard-to-scale, geographically-constrained, expensive top-down infrastructure (i.e. tubes, wires, towers), connectivity will be created by people and the things around them in a distributed, modular, scalable way. Beyond B2C and B2B, we have designs on IoT and emerging markets.

We care a ton about what we’re building — from both philosophical and technological perspectives — and our team is a scrappy group, armed with a few rounds of venture capital from some really nice folks (incl. Collaborative Fund, Bloomberg Beta, A16Z, Brooklyn Bridge, MentorTech, BBG, Walden). Our downtown Brooklyn loft is stocked with snacks, a nap room named after Freud, and friendly, smart people who like teaching and learning from each other.

About the role:

Your role is to collaborate with the engineering team as we find and implement solutions that optimize our always-exciting development cycle. You will also be instrumental in developing firmware for goTenna products and working closely with experienced firmware engineers as well as the hardware, mobile-software, and QA teams on a day-to-day basis.

This role’s main responsibilities include:

Required skills:

This is a paid internship based in Brooklyn, reporting to the head of engineering. We’d like to optimize for a full-time intern who can commit to at least three months, and can be flexible around students who need to juggle a class schedule along with the internship. Full-time employment at the end of the internship is possible but not guaranteed, though we have hired various interns in the past.

To apply, please write to with your resume and more about your relevant experience and interest in the role. Please title your email “Firmware intern”. We are hiring immediately.

This position is based out of our Brooklyn, New York office.

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