goTenna Deployment Kit

An integrated mesh network-in-a-box solution for 30, in a package the size and weight of a briefcase.

Redefining rapidly deployable comms

Deploy apps offline; host tactical servers; transport, charge, and maintain up to 30 goTenna Pro units in one place.

All of this delivered in a form factor weighing in at less than 25 pounds (11.34 kg), which means it can be transported by a single person and easily fit everywhere, including commercial aircraft overhead bins.

With the goTenna Pro Deployment Kit, your organization can rest assured it has ready-to-go comms at a moment’s notice.

Purchase includes 30 goTenna Pro devices and antennas.

Key Features

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The goTenna Pro Deployment Kit integrates natively with goTenna Pro devices and the supporting goTenna Pro Management Portal to easily control settings, apps, and anything else you might need to ensure your team’s comms are ready to go at any moment.

Reservation Price: $20,000
(Includes 30 goTenna Pro devices and antennas.)

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