goTenna PRO

The world’s smallest, lightest, most affordable tactical mesh networking radio is here — and it works with any smartphone.

High-power VHF/UHF mesh networking

With single-hop range often measured in miles, goTenna Pro further redefines off-grid communications via multi-hop mesh networking protocols. Self-healing, self-defined, and with no setup required, our Aspen Grove Pro mobile ad-hoc networking (MANET) protocol ensures reliable and resilient communications in even the toughest environments.

diagram of goTenna Meshes creating a network

Radically lower-cost

Starting at $499 per unit, goTenna Pro costs 20-40× less than legacy comms systems.

You don't have to pick between budget constraints and your comms needs — you can simply get everyone connected.

Full-Featured, Small-Sized

Unburden your operators and simplify your comms logistics.

goTenna Pro is
12x lighter and 10x smaller
than legacy comms systems.

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Outstanding energy efficency

With up to 40 hours of battery life off a single 3.5Wh battery, rechargeable in less than 6 hours, goTenna Pro requires a fraction of the power of legacy comms systems.

Unrivaled system simplicity on an open platform

goTenna Pro works with a smartphone app designed to be similar to consumer texting and mapping apps, meaning no special training is required to operate. Just turn on, connect, and you’re ready to go.

Plus, the Pro software SDK empowers you to build any other application you need for your particular mission.

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A paradigm shift
for tactical comms

  • Unrivaled Simplicity

  • Highly Portable

  • Negligible Weight

  • Power-Efficient

  • Radically Low-Cost

Take to the skies

Deploy small and lightweight goTenna Pro units in advantaged positions to extend range and ensure communications in obstructed environments.

Tactical Breadcrumbing

Rapidly deploy affordable and portable goTenna Pro units in RF-denied environments like tunnels, dense buildings, and forests to create “pop-up” mesh networks. Operators can have multiple units, and drop them on-the-go in strategic locations to ensure a reliable link no matter what.

A communications force multiplier

Augment the power and reach of a goTenna Pro mesh network with satellites, LTE, wifi or any other legacy systems to reliably and practically push out the edge of your tactical network.

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