Markets & Use-Cases

From public safety to defense; from industry to enterprise, goTenna Pro enables smartphones, through an ecosystem of purpose-built applications, to continue to function as mission-critical communications tools even when centralized comms infrastructure is unavailable or unreliable.


Enable pervasive blue- & green-force tracking with goTenna Pro and the goTenna Pro Deployment Kit. Efficiently deploy high-performance communications within budget and without policy restrictions.

Public Safety

Expand your situational awareness in emergencies with affordable, simple, and high-performance data communications independent of the grid.

Wildland Firefighting

Improve safety by going “beyond voice.” Communicate vital, rich data including firefighter locations, perimeters, fire lines, and mark critical points such as water drops and hotspots on an operationally easy-to-use interactive map.

Humanitarian Aid

Use the goTenna Deployment Kit as an affordable, first-on-the-ground network solution in situations where centralized comms infrastructure has been damaged. Designed to be carried by a single person, it’s a network-in-a-box solution for up to 30 operators anytime, anywhere.

Oil, Gas, & Mining

Use goTenna to communicate on oil-rigs, pipelines or underground. Outfit all employees with goTenna Pros to keep them aware of key safety information. Place additional goTenna units in strategic locations to increase the size and reliability of your mesh network.

Agriculture & Forestry

For rural operations, data tracking can be unreliable due to the geographic constraints of centralized comms infrastructure. Use goTenna Pro to communicate around logistics and safety among spread-out teams, during both day-to-day operations and in emergencies.

Transportation & Construction

Infrastructure projects often operate in comms-denied environments, and goTenna Pro’s mesh capabilities provide rapid and cost-effective deployment of critical comms in any environment to ensure operational efficiency and safety.

Enterprise Business Continuity

Contingency planning is a growing part of running large enterprises. Business, health, and educational campuses can use goTenna Pro to deliver comms needed to account for everyone and everything during unexpected situations, such as a power outage or natural disaster.