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goTenna Pro helps teams achieve full situational awareness by combining long-range burst data transmitted over VHF/UHF with smartphones’ simple user interface (iOS & Android)

Sleek, Rugged, and Discreet

Created with enterprise, public safety & defense users in mind, goTenna Pro powers reliable and resilient communications via a high-performance ruggedized radio and advanced ad-hoc mesh-networking protocols.

5.3 x 1 x 0.7 in
134.62 x 25.4 x 17.78 mm
2.8 oz
79.37 g

Mesh Networking

Every goTenna Pro unit functions as a cognitive multi-hop mesh node for all other Pro units — even if unpaired to a smartphone — and all relayed data is done so privately and automatically. Meshing eliminates or reduces the need for base stations and repeaters, as every goTenna Pro provides that same functionality.

Functional Features

The goTenna Pro app for iOS and Android provides a simple user interface on any smartphone. Communicate vital situational awareness data via the native goTenna Pro app or use any variety of partner apps integrated with our hardware.

Simple Situational Awareness

goTenna Pro’s functional capabilities come together to provide the two most important parts of mission-critical operations: situational awareness (SA) and tactical command & control (C2).

Integrated Partner Apps

Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK)

The leading situational awareness and C2 application for U.S. Special Forces. Developed and maintained by the Air Force Research Labs and SOCOM.


This goTenna integration provides wildland fire tracking and management, and keeps in-field firefighters connected to each other as well as to base and helicopter operators.


Next-gen situational awareness, incident management and operational efficiency. Coordinate and manage teams in day to day operations and emergency responses.

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