No Service? No problem!

Text and share your location even if you don’t have service.

No towers, routers or satellites required!

No Service?

Send messages even when there's no cell service or wifi.

Share Locations

Share locations & pins on detailed offline maps.

Create Networks

1-to-1 & group messaging, or broadcast to anyone.

Safe & Secure

Send encrypted messages that aren't stored anywhere.

Stay Connected in Any Scenario

Turn your phone into an off-grid communication device.

Wander in reach

Go off-grid but don’t get lost. Focus on exploring and let goTenna’s offline location sharing help you find your way when you need to.

Compatible with iOS & Android devices.

Never get lost in a crowd

You can’t always depend on cell service, but you can count on goTenna connecting your crew even when there are thousands of people surrounding you.

"Shout" when there's an emergency

Even if wifi goes out, and towers go down, use goTenna to coordinate with others nearby, so an emergency doesn’t turn into a disaster.


Pre-order goTenna

Get yours first! goTenna comes in twos — one for you, and another to share with a friend — so you can stay connected to each other and anyone else who has goTenna.

Starts shipping in summer 2015.

Pre-order TWO Devices
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