Walkie-talkies are for kids.

goTenna Mesh turns your smartphone into an off-grid communication device.

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goTenna Mesh has so much more to offer than a walkie-talkie.

Pair goTenna Mesh to your smartphone via Bluetooth and use the goTenna app to send texts and locations to other goTenna users up to several miles away.

In less than a minute, you can create a smart, people-powered network, anywhere. No towers, routers or satellites required. Great for any off-grid group activity.

By avoiding voice and focusing on text and GPS, we’re able to make goTenna Mesh lighter, smaller, and simply more reliable.

test goTenna Mesh Walkie-Talkie
Size 4 in3 16 in3
Weight 1.7 oz 8 oz
Transmission power 1 watt 0.5 - 1 watts
Frequencies UHF UHF
Battery life 24+ hours 10+ hours
GPS tracking & location-sharing on offline maps yes no
Text messaging yes no
Voice no yes
Message delivery configuration yes no
Private 1 : 1 chats yes no
Private group chats yes no
Public broadcasts yes yes
End-to-end encryption yes no
Feature upgrades & improvements via an app yes no
Mesh networking yes no

goTenna Mesh generates its own radio signal to send messages to others in the area

goTenna Mesh generates its own radio signal to send messages to others in the area

goTenna Mesh’s range is similar to 1W UHF, professional-grade 2-way radios and depends on your environment.

In an open environment you can expect up to 3 miles of range. In a congested environment you can expect up to 0.5 miles of range.

Unlike a walkie-talkie, you won't have to worry about switching channels and goTenna Mesh lets you know whether or not your message was received.

goTenna Mesh finds a way

goTenna Mesh finds a way

goTenna’s Mesh’s networking technology allows it to send messages around physical obstructions, automatically and privately, by relaying through other goTenna Mesh devices.

diagram of how network relay works

Lighter, smaller, and smarter than a walkie-talkie

goTenna Mesh is designed to be attached externally to any gear and used with any iOS or Android device. Like other smart devices, your goTenna will continuously improve with new features and firmware upgrades.

goTenna Mesh combines the reliability of radio communication with your smartphone’s intelligence and ease of use.

  • hasText messages
  • hasFree online maps
  • hasEncryption
  • hasPrivate 1:1 & group chats
  • hasNo channel interference
goTenna Mesh

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