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Communicate — anytime, anywhere.
No service? No problem.

With goTenna, you can securely send messages to your friends and family anywhere, anytime — no cell service required. It pairs wirelessly with your smartphone, easily fits in or attaches to your backpack or bug-out bag and works with iOS or Android phones. Pre-order 2 goTenna devices today at 50% off for just $149.99.

“By this point, most of us are fully addicted to our smartphones. And when we find ourselves without Wifi or data service, our most direct connection to everything becomes almost useless. That’s where goTenna comes in.”

goTenna is great for when you're...


at big events


Pre-order goTenna

Get yours first! goTenna comes in twos — one for you, and another to share with a friend — so you can stay connected to each other and anyone else who has goTenna.