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"goTenna makes your phone the ultimate survival tool."

Why buy goTenna?

goTenna turns your smartphone into an off-grid communication tool by enabling you to text and share your location with anyone who has goTenna--even if you don't have service. No towers, routers or satellites required! goTenna pairs wirelessly with your iOS or Android mobile device. Simple, convenient, and secure.

How does it work?


Pair your goTenna to your mobile device over Bluetooth-LE.
Your goTenna can be in your pocket, backpack, or anywhere within 30 feet of your mobile device.


Use the goTenna app to send a text or share your location on offline maps.
Your smartphone will then send your messages over long-range radio waves (151-154 MHz) to your intended goTenna user(s) within milliseconds.


Your goTenna can transmit to any other user within range, which can be up to 50 miles but is more reliably 1-6 miles in most situations.

Create your own network

Text specific people and groups, even when you don't have service.

Location pinging

Save points of interest & share locations with friends on free, offline maps.

Broadcast chats

Send messages to anyone who has goTenna within range — in case of fun or an emergency!

Ready to be your own network?

Have you noticed you tend to not have cell service or wifi when you need to communicate most?

With goTenna you'll have essential communication whether
you're hiking in a remote area, at a crowded festival, traveling abroad or in case of an emergency.

Message a specific person or group, and choose to broadcast to everyone within range of you.

Plus, your messages are end-to-end encrypted for total privacy.

Pre-order goTenna today and save.

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