“Staying in contact at a large event or an area with spotty service won’t ever be an issue again. The goTennas themselves are sturdy and rugged; we didn’t think twice about throwing them in our bags or clipping them to the outside. It’s a very fun feeling not being dependent on ‘the grid!’”

Laura & Paul S.
Sioux Falls, SD

“We were able to successfully send messages throughout the convention center. It's a 3-­story building and even full of people, we sent messages from the corner of the first floor to the opposite corner on the third floor. goTenna beat the UHF business-band radios which couldn't quite punch through all the cement and steel!”

Andrew K.
San Francisco, CA

"Overall a great product that you instantly tell is well-made and thought-out. We could outfit our staff who work out in the field or on trails with goTennas and it would be both a cost-effective alternative and aid us in emergencies if someone got hurt off-grid.”

Michael J. Duplay, Network Administrator
Stark County Parks District, Canton, OH

"The goTenna is a solution to a problem we scarcely think about until its too late... What happens if another Katrina hits? What if there’s a huge power outage and the grid goes down? How will we be able to reach our family and friends, or even just simply reach out for help, in case of an emergency; especially if we’ve only got our cellphones on us. The goTenna is the perfect solution. The potential is literally limitless, and the more I think about it the more I feel I would lose something without this in my arsenal."

Thomas Xavier, survival gear & prepping expert