Stay connected off-grid.

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Turn your smartphone into an off-grid communication tool.

No Service?

Stay connected even when there's no cell service or wifi.

Share Locations

Share locations & saved pins on detailed offline maps.

Create Networks

Private 1-to-1 & group chats, or broadcast to anyone.

Safe & Secure

Send encrypted messages that aren't stored anywhere.

Works with the iOS or Android device you have in your pocket.

Pair goTenna to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and use the app to connect with other goTennas up to several miles away.

In less than a minute, you can create a smart, people-powered network, anywhere. No towers, routers or satellites required. Learn how it works »

goTenna is the high-tech buddy system.

goTenna comes in pairs — one for you, one for a friend. You can connect your goTenna to any other goTennas in-range. Make your network as big or small as you want!