How it works

Create your own off-grid network in under a minute with goTenna.

When there's no cell coverage or wifi, activate goTenna by pulling the antenna out, then wirelessly pair to your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth-LE. Set up your account in seconds—now you're ready to type out texts or share a location using goTenna's free offline maps.

Watch how easy it is to use

Smart, independent & adventure-ready.

goTenna is a cognitive digital radio combined with an app that generates its own signal and automatically coordinates with other units within range. It does all the heavy-lifting, so you can chat 1-to-1, with a group, or even broadcast openly to anyone nearby.

Connect even when you’re off-grid and far apart.

Range is dependent on terrain and elevation, and comparable to other 2W VHF radios. Higher altitude > lower altitude. Wide open areas > dense, obstructed areas. To maximize performance no matter where you go, attach goTenna externally and as high off the ground as is practical. Top of a backpack or in a chest pocket > on a belt loop or bottom of a bag.

goTenna is both sleek and rugged.

Take a closer look at all the punch packed into a lightweight, weatherproof package:

goTenna is the high-tech buddy system.

goTenna comes in pairs — one for you, one for a friend. You can connect your goTenna to any other goTennas in-range. Make your network as big or small as you want!