goTenna and RISE:NYC

Small business communications resiliency grant program

What is RISE:NYC?

RISE:NYC is a Superstorm Sandy business recovery and resiliency program, administered by the New York City Economic Development Corporation, that helps NYC small businesses adapt to and mitigate the impacts of natural disasters through innovative technologies. As an award winner, goTenna will be distributing its goTenna Mesh devices for free to eligible small businesses to increase their communications resiliency in the case of another emergency.


You are eligible to receive free goTenna Mesh devices through RISE:NYC if you:

Why enroll?

What do you need to enroll?

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About goTenna Mesh

What is it?

goTenna Mesh is an award-winning device that enables text & GPS on your smartphone, 100% off-grid. Plus, you can relay messages through other devices to extend range — no service required!

goTenna is a Brooklyn-based technology company founded in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, inspired by the mission of enabling people to create their own communication networks using the phones already in their pockets.

Hardware Specs

4.2 × 0.9 × 1.3 IN (106.5 × 18 × 33 MM)
1.7 OZ (48 G)
goTenna Mesh device specs

How It Works


mesh icon
Relay messages from device‑to‑device immediately and automatically
chat icon
Public broadcasts to anyone within range
confirmation icon
Delivery confirmation & message retry
gps icon
Share GPS locations on free offline maps
lock icon
Private, encrypted 1‑to‑1 & group messaging
download icon
Upgradeable via firmware & software updates
relay icon
Anchor as a relay node in a strategic location

Press on goTenna Mesh

The first consumer-friendly device for a reliable off-grid peer-to-peer communication network. motherboard vice
Mesh technology allows you to expand your reach much farther, and the hand off between devices happens seamlessly. pc magazine
Entirely off-grid, entirely mobile, and long range — a standalone communication network that gets stronger the more people join in. outside

How RISE:NYC Small Business Beneficiaries Are Using goTenna Mesh: