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Stay connected to each other on any adventure

Text & GPS on your phone, no service required.

Also available at nationwide.
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goTenna Uses Radio Waves to Send Messages to Others Nearby

goTenna Uses Radio Waves to Send Messages to Others Nearby

Pair goTenna to your smartphone via Bluetooth and use the goTenna app to communicate with other goTennas up to several miles away.

In less than a minute, you can create a smart, people-powered network, anywhere. No towers, routers or satellites required.

more about how it works
more about how it works
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Get the most from your goTenna

goTenna plus is the perfect way to get more detailed information about your surroundings and stay in better synch with your group while on your next off-grid adventure.

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Turn your smartphone into an off-grid communication tool

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No Service?

Send messages even when there's no cell service or wifi.


Create Networks

1-to-1 & group messaging, or broadcast to anyone.

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Share Location

Share and request location information on detailed maps.


Safe & Secure

Send encrypted messages that aren't stored anywhere.

Essential Connectivity For All Of Your Adventures


My brother was about a mile away in a valley, everything was soaking wet, we were 6 hours into the hike and the goTenna worked great!



Seriously the must have item at all crowded events here on out. Used goTenna at a few EDM festivals and never was unable to get in touch with my friends.



My family has used goTenna on several trips in the past few months we've had it. It works excellently when doing outdoor activities — everything from wine tasting in Santa Barbara to touristing around the island of Antigua.



I instruct survival courses and needless to say, in some large tracts of land, cell coverage is spotty to say the least. [goTennas] become a permanent part of my Emergency Bag.

Simon O

Where will you use goTenna?

Out on the trail, at a festival, on vacation, during an emergency — you can take goTenna anywhere. See how goTenna users are enjoying their goTenna, all over the world.

hand holding up goTenna in rio

Rio, Brazil

goTenna gets around!! Having breakfast while mentally preparing to hike Dois Irmaos (“Two Brothers”) in Rio.

goTenna by a pot at sequoia national park

Sequoia National Park

Lunchtime on Sunset Rock in Sequoia National Park!

hand holding up goTenna at a the treasure island music festival

Treasure Island Music Festival

goTenna keeps you connected with friends at crowded outdoor events, even when the noise overwhelms the cell towers.

cityscape of shanghai with goTenna user Kristy

Shanghai, China

Kristy traveled to Shanghai, where she and her husband used goTenna to stay in touch abroad!

Connect through adventure

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pair of goTennas

goTenna is the high-tech buddy system

goTenna comes in pairs — one for you, one for a friend. You can connect your goTenna to any other goTennas in-range. Make your network as big or small as you want!