The Team

Daniela Perdomo

Co-founder & CEO

Jorge Perdomo

Co-founder & Chief evangelist

Raphael Abrams

Hardware engineer

Josh Makinda

Software engineer

Nicholas Baker

Operations analyst

Warren Ramanathan

Director, QA engineering

Jin Chen

Hardware engineer

Shawn Hurt

VP, retail sales

Christophe Servaes

Firmware engineer

Russ Dauer


Mike Nolfi

Director, supply chain & manufacturing

Danielle Naven

Community partnerships manager

Ivan Antipov

QA engineer

Tanmay Patel

QA engineer

Ram Ramanathan

Chief scientist

Jim Schueren

VP, Institutional Business Development & Sales

Virginia Hamilton

Customer experience manager

Ryan Bobrowski

Software engineer

Wendy Weisman

VP, finance

Ed Trujillo

Software engineer

Matt Finnegan

Software engineer

Dhan Suresh

Software engineer

Nathan Pirie

Military business development manager

Christie Novotny

Lead, e-commerce

Kevin Durkin

Senior graphic designer

Jarvis Johnson

Software engineer

Cale Teeter-Gregg

Public safety business development director

Richard Myers

Decentralized applications engineer

Alicia Calliste

Accounting analyst

Austin Vance

VP, marketing

Jess Goldfin

VP, People

Josh Schneider

VP, customer experience

Alice Wu

Manager, email marketing, loyalty, CRM

Sherry Rambaran-Sukhdeo

Sales support administrator

Mike Robinson

Product manager

Karan Kandhaswamy

QA engineer

Olivia Arden

Office manager

Mike Thomas

Military business development manager

Narūnas Bukauskas

Software engineer

Brad Simanski

Forward-deployed engineer

We’re building next-generation
off-grid communication technologies.

Our team is relatively small and hugely collaborative, and looking to thoughtfully grow as we expand our product pipeline and market reach.

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