Free-form agnostic data

Up to 236-byte payload size and five transmissions per end-user per minute

Multiple Broadcast Options

Supports open broadcast, 1-to-1 encrypted, and group encrypted messaging

Seamless Mesh-Networking

Relays data between goTenna Mesh nodes

Simple Device Pairing

Manages Bluetooth-LE data interface for iOS and Android

The goTenna SDK

Our kit provides the tools for building Android or iOS apps using goTenna Mesh or goTenna devices. Although our own app focuses on text messaging and GPS location sharing, think of goTenna as a platform you can use to explore unique applications that leverage goTenna to transmit bursts of secure data at long range, completely off-grid.

Plus, our game-changing Aspen Grove mesh protocol will privately and automatically route data packets through all other goTenna Mesh nodes.

What's New

The Aspen Grove Protocol & goTenna Mesh Support

With single-hop range often measured in miles, goTenna Mesh redefines off-grid communications via multi-hop mesh networking protocols. Self-healing and self-defined, with no setup required, our Aspen Grove mobile ad-hoc networking (MANET) protocol ensures reliable and resilient communications, even in the toughest environments.

Looking for Inspiration?

Check out goTenna users worldwide on the Mesh Network map at IMeshYou. Join the discussion at

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