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A Better Network:
The goTenna Mesh Story

We believe anyone should be able to create their own connectivity.

Let's face it: our communications networks are often unreliable, unavailable or unaffordable. Let's face it: our communications networks are often unreliable, unavailable or unaffordable.

Anytime you send a text to a friend, your message travels a circuitous path through cell towers, fiber-optic cables, and mobile repeaters. And that path isn't always accessible when and where you need it.

If you think about it, our phones
are intentionally crippled —

they're designed to let you plug into a network, but not to let you create your own.

But what if our phones could communicate directly with one another?
Even better: what if they could communicated not just
but phone-to-phone-to-phone-to-phone?

goTenna Mesh

This is your parallel network.

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Where Mesh Works

You'll travel somewhere remote (or just far away from home), and stay connected to your fellow adventurers without worrying about finding a signal.

You'll hike to the top of that peak and tell the slow-pokes to catch up — or to give up and meet you back at basecamp!

You'll feel comfortable doing your own thing, because you'll never get lost in a crowd.

And — perhaps most importantly — you'll be safe. Your mesh network will connect you to others nearby so an emergency doesn't become a disaster.

How Mesh Works

Pair goTenna Mesh with our app on your phone and send texts GPS locations, 1:1 or group chats or publicly brodcast to all users in your area. You'll get a delivery confirmation for every message you send, so you never have to wonder... you can count on Mesh.

goTenna Mesh transmits on UHF frequencies to give you point-to-point range up to 4 mi (6.4 km) in open areas, and up to 0.5 mi (0.8 km) in more dense locations. (You'll get 40% more range than with a walkie-talkie.)

When you mesh, magic happens! Hop phone-to-phone-to-phone or place unpaired Mesh in strategic locations to extend coverage. Plus: if any user has service, they become a gateway, connecting off-grid to on-grid!

Weatherproof & lightweight, with over 24 hours of continuous use battery life, Mesh is resilient and reliable. You'll want to take it with you wherever you take your phone! It comes in pairs, family packs (of 4!), and 8-packs — so you can create your own network on your own terms.

We know, this "people-powered" thing seems too good to be true. But Meshers all over the world are already building this decentralized network out. Head to to discover all of the nodes on the growing goTenna Mesh Network Map.

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